Portable Medical Imaging


What areas do you cover and what is your schedule?

We are covering area from Chicago to Milwaukee, and we are open 24/7.


What types of x-rays do you offer?

We utilize some of the most advanced equipment in the industry giving us the capability of performing x-rays of any bone or joint in the body.


Will my insurance cover the X-Ray, if I have the exam in my house?
Yes, Medicare covers the cost of your home exam, as does nearly all other insurance carriers. Except Medicaid only recipients. Medicaid is one of the only insurance carriers that does not cover home exams.


Who qualifies for portable X-Rays?
Any patient that would find it physically or psychologically difficult to obtain their exam outside of their home.


My parent/relative is upstairs/downstairs, can you get the equipment to them?
Yes, No problem, we can easily bring our equipment up and down several flights of stairs.


How long will it take for my Doctor to receive report and review my X-Ray on-line?
Your Doctor will have instant access to review x-ray images, however interpretation reports will be available within 1 to 3 hours.


My parent/relative is often confused and sometimes uncooperative. How would you deal with this situation?
This is an extremely common situation for our technologists. Everyday our staff successfully completes all exams,

regardless of the patient's dementia, Alzheimer’s and psychological issues. As well as physical limitations.

Our equipment and cassettes (x-ray plates) are extremely fast. The patient does not necessarily have to stay still

for the entire exam. In fact most radiographs are obtained using less than ½ second exposure time.


Are portable X-Rays safe to use in private environment?
Yes. The radiation used to acquire a portable X-Ray, is extremely low, due to the film speed combination we utilize.

The skin dose to the patient is usually the same as a hospital radiograph and in some cases, less.


Can I, a private individual request a portable X-Ray examination?
Yes, if private individual has doctor’s order. All results are sent/called directly to ordering physician.