Digital x ray Benefits

The benefits of mobile x-ray at the residence of the patient are too numerous to name. Benefits accrue to the patient and to the facility, in convenience, pain, suffering, and financially; just to mention a few. In all settings where we visit the patient residence, we are frequently thanked by the patient and the care providers because the patient was able to stay in a stable and familiar environment with a minimal intervention into their daily lives. Those of us who are fortunate to have our health and freedom cannot really appreciate how frightening a trip away from our residence can be with strangers, in an ambulance to a hospital where we know no one and we are often left alone and afraid. Even the best care providers cannot make up for the fear that is experienced by many patients.

When it comes to cost for the facility, the patient, the insurance companies, there is no comparison. In many settings we are able to do the service for about 15% of the cost of sending the patient to the hospital. The savings are often greater than 85%; for example $1200 dollars through the emergency room at the hospital via ambulance, versus $140 for mobile x-ray.  Even under Medicare the coverage is only 80%. Which is better for the patient or the secondary insurance...20%of $1200($240) or 20% of $140($28)?  The choice is obvious.

LiVito LLC is the choice of service simply because we care, we exceed expectations of speed of service to include arrival at the site as well as same day and even sometimes same hour reports. Not only are we timely, we have had many comments made about the professionalism of our team but also the quality of the reports. 

Many Home Health agencies have seen the advantages of patient care when an x-ray is required, by having LiVito LLC come to the home of the patient for the convenience of the patient and the family of the patient. Just like at the nursing and assisted livings facilities the service is faster and more cost effective, but it is also better for the patient being able to avoid the hours of waiting in a crowded room and being exposed to unknown illnesses.

We find that many of the home health care patients are unable to leave their homes without extreme difficulty, pain and confusion. Many patients at home are just as serious as those in nursing facilities; it is just that there are care givers available to allow them to stay in a home environment.

Many Doctors are now seeing the value in asking LiVito LLC to go to the home of the patient instead of having the patient to go to a crowded x-ray facility. By writting a prescription and asking LiVito LLC to do a home visit the x-ray results are to the doctor the same day and the doctor is able to start addressing the patient needs more timely and able to start the patient on the way to recovery.
By keeping a patient in their own place of residence not only is there avoidance of potential pain, suffering and inconvenience from the trip to an outside facility, but the exposure to the many illnesses of others in the waiting and service areas is one of the greatest risks to an already sick or injured patient.

Patients that are aware of our service are now starting to ask their health service providers to request an LiVito LLC mobile x-ray.

Security is a must at any, city, county, state, or federal facility where prisoners are being held. Using LiVito LLC, mobile x-ray allows the authorities to give the quality of health care required and still keep the prisoners within the security of the facility. The cost for our services is well below that of the market for taking the prisoner to any external service. Additionally there is another savings in that the time of additional deputies is not required to transport and guard the prisoner through the lengthy process at an external facility.

The influx of many emigrants into the legal network has raised a greater concern for communicable diseases, such as, TB and each new prisoner has to be tested as a potential carrier. LiVito LLC is called to perform chest x-rays for all positive skin tests, so that a Radiologist may view the x-ray and identify any potential for spreading of diseases.

One of the most important aspects also is safety for the public and the guards. Trips outside the facility are always tempting, to those so minded, to make the run for freedom. Keeping the prisoners inside the facilities keeps that option unavailable.

Many manufacturers, mining operations, construction sites, etc., are required by law to have annual chest x-rays performed to verify the health of the workers. Some sites have hundreds of workers that have to leave the job sites, go to a medical facility, sign-in and wait for their turn in the process.

When workers are sent away from the site there is loss of work production, cost to drive and the risk of an accident or simply forgetting to return to work in a timely manner. Using LiVito LLC, mobile x-ray avoids all these issues and more because it is easy to schedule LiVito LLC to a customer worksite and then have the workers to get the x-rays quickly and efficiently. Since we develop on-site, in a matter of minutes, if there is any  need to repeat an x-ray we still have the worker present and do the repeat without any delay or any need for an additional trip.

Professional. college of high school  football games, ski resorts, any type of activity where lot's of people are involved can lead to the need for x-rays. By having LiVito LLC and a qualified physician on-site the condition of athletes can be determined immediately and the athlete can be cleared to return to the activity or sent for needed emergency care. When there is a need for additional care the x-rays are sent with the patient to allow for immediate treatment to begin with out the need for additional x-rays.

Where ever there is a need, LiVito LLC, mobile x-ray can be there.

X-Rays are taken where the patient resides or works. Locations can be anywhere, anytime as service is provided
24/7; that is 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Our x-ray units are equipped with all the needed tools to
take excellent quality x-rays, develop on site, and make certain that we have what the Doctor has requested
before leaving the patient site. If for any reason, we identify the need for taking additional x-ray films we are
able to do it immediately. If obvious anomalies are identified, we can take the developed film into the qualified
health care provider and let them see the x-ray and determine a course of action, even while the film is being
sent to the radiologist for interpretation.